Baby Lounger, Baby Nest Co Sleeper for Newborn Bassinet Comfyt Portable Bed Soft Bamboo Cover

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MIMICS THE SHAPE OF A WOMAN'S UTERUS and provides excellent comfort for your baby.

BABY NEST PERFECT FOR CO SLEEPING AND REASSURING BABY: Ultra soft luxurious materials and cushioned edges provide a reassuring "cocoon-like" holding effect that helps in reducing startle reflex and lets baby play, rest and nap comfortably.

MOTHER APPROVED : Co sleep worry free!"Using this baby lounger has helped big time. We are able to place her in it and get her settled in. She falls asleep and stays asleep. It's given us our sanity back and sleep. " ( Pls see rating section for more verified purchase reviews of real mothers using this pillow )

PORTABLE FOLDABLE TRAVEL BASSINET: It could be late at night when you arrive at your hotel, vacation rental or Grandma’s house. Your baby will be tired and you don’t want to go to war with your portable travel cot. The best travel baby bed should set up in 1 second.

CUSTOMIZABLE SIZE: Adjust the leg roll to the size of your little one for a perfect fit from birth up to 6 months (Use until baby rolls over) Bed Pillow Sleeping Pillow Rest Pillow

MACHINE WASHABLE PAD : Hypoallergenic Breathable Dust Mite Removable Machine Washable Bamboo Pillows Covers. Organic Cotton Inner Fabric maximum comfort for our Babies. This baby lounger is just only 1.3 pounds in weight and foldable to a compact size for easy carrying. It perfect for use in bed, crib, bassinet, car seat or anywhere.

SPECIALLY DESIGNED MEMORY FOAM SHAPE The main health benefits of sleeping on our memory foam pillows is spinal alignment. As our babies lay your heads and necks on the pillow, the weight and warmth of the body allow the foam to reshape itself. This forces the pillow to give greater resistance under the heaviest parts of the body, and equally support the lighter, more pressure sensitive area. Memory Foam is designed to contour to the unique shape of our babies body to help support their bodies.

Comfyt Baby Lounger perfectly adapts to your baby's body shape. It provides optimum head and back support, and raises the newborn's head and legs. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that babies lay flat on their back to combat sudden infant death syndrome. Special designed leg positioner of the Comfyt helps with digestion help to prevent from colicks. Promotes your infant's development,