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  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE FIRM PILLOW : Adjustable Layer Pillow That Perfectly Fits Everyone! 3-Layer memory foam core feature is another reason to guard your sleeping quality. You could simply customized the ideal pillow height that you want by adding or removing the layers. Therefore, this orthopedic contour pillow is for all the side, back and stomach sleepers. This right Firm Pillow will give you comfort and support to help you stay asleep and wake up feeling rested and without aches and pains.
  • FIRM PILLOW MEMORY FOAM: The main health benefits of sleeping on a FIRM HIGH DENSITY MEMORY FOAM PILLOW is spinal alignment.As you lay your head and neck on the pillow, the weight and warmth of the body allow the foam to reshape itself. This forces the pillow to give greater resistance under the heaviest parts of the head, and equally support the lighter, more pressure sensitive neck area.Memory Foam is designed to contour to the unique shape of your body to help support your head and neck.
  • REMOVABLE BAMBOO PILLOW CASE:Hypoallergenic pillow Extremely comfortable in all temperatures. Perfect for people with allergies & chemical sensitivity, Bamboo is one of the softest fabric in the world, Noticeably softer than cotton. Amazingly soft similar to cashmere or silk
  • MASSAGE DESIGN - Massage particles are designed to release shoulder and neck pressure.It provides superior support for your head and neck, which help relief pain and pressure. pillow for sleeping
  • EXCLUSIVE QUALITY AND COMFORT GUARANTEE. Wake up each morning feeling more healthy and refreshed from a good night's rest. Great for adults and teens of all ages. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. IDEAL GIFT idea