Cooling Pillow Case 2Pk Real Japanese Q-Max Cooling Pillow Cover Standard

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This bed cooling pillowcase is made of special Japanese Q-Max 0.55 Cooling Fibers, the larger Q-max value, the more heat that can be taken away. So the Comfyt's cooling pillowcase can better absorb body heat to transfer. And This Cooling Fibers material is naturally anti-static, meaning it will significantly reduce bedhead hair, and result in smoother, frizz-free hair every morning. Comfyt Cooling pillow cases, bring you a sweet sleep and improve your sleeping quality. This cool pillow protector prevent night sweat at sleeping.  2 pack poly fiber new future cooling pillow case.

LIMITED TIME OFFER : This Especially developed Cooling Pillow Protector is a Ideal Gift Idea at all especials days