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Color: Purple

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This versatile nursing pillow lifts baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable breastfeeding and bottle feeding, giving relief to your arms and back. Bond with your new baby by using the NURSING PILLOW while you're BREASTFEEDING or bottle feeding. In addition to breastfeeding and bottle feeding, Nursing Pillow transitions to the perfect SUPPORT PILLOW , POSITIONER for different stages of development including propping, tummy time and learning to sit.
This unique support system has the benefits of a bouncer with the comfort of your caress. Combining an adjustable seat wrap with U-shaped design creates a duo that ensures baby's support as well as safety. There's no wiggling or squirming out of this comfy seat with the attached seat wrap. A concealed pocket is attached to the bottom, so when baby no longer needs the extra support, just fold and tuck away the seat wrap.
This system is perfect for growing infants, for sitting up and tummy time support. It  is also ideal as a one-size-fits-all nursing pillow.BABY LOUNGER , POSITIONER supports baby as she/he grows and develops and this multi-use pillow can be use up to 36 months.